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Tetris 99: Big Block DLC Switch Review

It’s just not my thing, but if the idea of Puyo and Tetris RPG battles appeals, it’s probably for you. I think it just kinda overcomplicates the core game, but it could also be really interesting for the right person. I see the potential for some real interesting fights resulting from the powers within this mode, I’m looking forward to the long, drawn-out battles between top players with their optimized parties. Puyo Puyo Tetris centers around the combination of two main gameplay styles, Puyo and Tetris. In the Puyo Puyo style, colored blobs known as Puyos playing a few rounds of Tetris on the computer will fall from the top of the screen and can be rotated before being placed down. The Puyos can be popped by matching four and more of the same color next to each other.

Given the success of the first title, it’s exciting to see what the sequel brings to the table. The crossover between the two classic puzzlers is a bit of a gimmick, but the huge range of modes for both games makes this the best version of either for years. But without a doubt, the highlight mode is playing both at once in a mixed puzzle frenzy together with other people of up to 4 players. Puyo Puyo Tetris may look like one of the Switch’s more casual launch period games, but in fact it wants to make a champion out of you.

Play Tetris Unblocked for free or pay a small amount to play a more advanced version of the game. There are options available for everyone no matter what type of player you are. Another great place to play Tetris Unblocked online is on

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If you prefer playing solo, there’s a surprisingly lengthy Adventure mode that’ll have you face various opponents in different kinds of matches. It’s great fun working through it but I found that a lot of the goals to earn stars are very counterintuitive. For example, I beat an opponent in less than a minute and was quite proud of myself. On the results screen, I was disappointed to see that I only earned one star because I didn’t get a high enough score. Therefore, did I have to play less efficiently to earn more stars? Anyway, you can tackle computer opponents in any of the available modes and can even attempt Endurance variations to see how many foes you can beat in a row.

  • There’s support for local co-op, which makes it a go-to title for a bit of ad hoc gaming when you’re with friends.
  • This bonus seems to be only applicable, if you choose “Attackers” or “Random” as target system and if you are the target of at least 2 opponents.
  • The total count of stages in this mode crawls up past 80, not including the multiple difficulty levels.

That said, it would be nice if Nintendo finally figured out how to handle a system-wide friends list like Microsoft and Sony did over a decade ago. Free and paid DLC is coming to Tetris 99 in September with both updates introducing a wealth of new content to the game. In addition to new game modes like Invictus and daily missions for players to complete, local multiplayer is officially coming to Tetris 99 and people are hyped.

Nintendo Switch online price: how much is it?

Battle Royales are some of the most intense online multiplayer games on Switch, letting you compete against lo… Shredder’s Revenge also features one of the most chaotic and fun online multiplayer experiences on the Switch. Earlier adventures starring the teenage turtles allowed up to four players to beat down on foot soldiers together—Shredder’s Revenge allows for up to six. With a full squad, Shredder’s Revenge turns into a crowded, hectic, and glorious mess.

The only answer comes at the end of a given session, when a list of 99 usernames appears, ranked in order of survival time. Having these two offline modes is a great step towards us getting a complete Tetris package out of Tetris 99. For players who don’t want to pay for the online service, or just want a more vanilla Tetris experience, this is a great entry point at a reasonable price. I wish it came with more music, but it’s a minor gripe that could be resolved in a free update in the future. One of the two modes you get as part of this DLC package is CPU Battle.

In addition to the features above, it also shows players who are currently streaming with the TETR.IO category on Twitch. The Tetra News section displays achievements done by players, such as reaching the top ten in either solo mode with a leaderboard, or winning one of TETR.IO’s many partnered tourneys. There is also a simple “search bar” at the top of the TETRA CHANNEL, where you can input specific replay IDs or URLs to access them, as well as access specific player cards with an exact player name. Instead of grouping up into teams of two or four, players choose one of four teams at the beginning of a Tetris 99 match.

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